Nonthaburi organizes counter terrorism exercises


NONTHABURI, 1 Aug 2013 Nonthaburi province organized a counter terrorism exercise which was taken part by provincial police, military, administrative officials, medical personnel and rescue operators. 

The drills, conducted at The Mall Ngamwongwan, simulated an insurgent attack on a local shopping center, based on real world incidents. The exercise began with a telephone call made to the mall, threatening to detonate bombs in several areas, followed by an attempt to seize the mall by an unidentified militant group, leading to armed clashes and fire gusting at the building. The supposed attackers also took people hostage, played by mall employees, demanding the release of an imaginary drug lord imprisoned in Bang Khwang corrections facility.

The next scene saw responses from the security force trying to negotiate for hostage release, followed by counter attacks after negotiation bids failed, with the help of combined forces of commandos, police and volunteers. The scenario ended with successful operations in containing the situation, rescuing hostages, and defusing bombs.

The drill was also observed by Nonthaburi Governor Vichien Putthivinyu who admired the officials participating in the event and urged them to address weak points found during the drill in order to ensure maximum efficiency of the plan in real-life situation.