No intrusion into state premises: Anti-govt movement


BANGKOK, July 30 – An anti-government group, the People’s Army Against the Thaksin Regime, on Tuesday reasserted that it will not trespass official premises as it rallies this Sunday against the parliament’s move to debate on controversial amnesty bill.

Group leader Thaikorn Polsuwan said the venue, time and pattern of the demonstration organised by the group this Sunday will not be revealed in order to prevent the government’s attempt to obstruct the move.

Mr Thaikorn claimed that he has been informed that the interior and transport ministries, together with the national police bureau are planning to intercept people from joining this weekend’s rally.

“If people are obstructed from joining the August 4 demonstration, the People’s Army will file a police complaint against those involved as the people have constitutional rights to stage a (peaceful) protest,” said the group leader.

Mr Thaikorn reasserted that the People’s Army will not seize or damage any state buildings.

He said that his group will petition foreign embassies, including that of the United States, China and the European Union, to clarify the move of the People’s Army.

He said the group will assess the situation again whether to rally on August 7 when the Parliament debates on the Amnesty Bill, proposed by Pheu Thai MP Vorachai Hema.

Meanwhile, National Security Council secretary-general Lt Gen Paradorn Pattanathabut said he will propose Wednesday cabinet meeting to consider imposing the Internal Security Act (ISA) in certain areas as the anti-government protests could affect national security.

The NSC chief made his remark following today’s meeting of security concerned agencies. He said the number of protestors could be high as many groups are likely to join the rally which could prolong for a week.

Gen Paradorn said special law is needed to maintain law and order in protesting areas and prevent any untoward incident and intensified situation.