MSDHS set to elaborate on house smoking ban law


Bangkok – The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security is set to start a campaign to raise awareness of the anti domestic violence and domestic smoking ban law, effective from August.

The recently passed Family Development and Protection Promotion Act BE 2562 will be effective from 20th August this year. This new law is focused on the prevention of domestic violence, and personal rights protection, including the prevention of smoking by any family member in the house, that might contribute to violence.

The rationale behind the ban is to prevent smokers, who may be in a bad mood because of smoking restrictions, from resorting to physical, verbal, or mental aggression, and causing negative health effects from tobacco smoke among other family members. The ban sees tobacco as not the direct source of violence, but one of the stimuli. There has however been no clear indication on the connection between smoking and violence towards children.

The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (MSDHS) will create a campaign to raise public awareness of this new law, which will only consider smoking at home illegal when tobacco smoke affects others and causes illnesses among family members. Violators will then be required to enter a rehabilitation program to quit smoking.