More than 200 illegal foreign workers nabbed in Satun


SATUN, 8 July 2013 Satun provincial authorities have arrested more than 200 illegal foreign laborers awaiting transfers to work in other countries. 

Satun’s Maritime Division Police apprehended the group at a poorly constructed shed located in the southern part of Tarutao Island in Koh Sarai Sub-district, Muang District of the province.

The 200 comprises both males and females, as well as underage workers from Myanmar, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Rohingya.

Initial investigations indicated that the workers were destined to be sent to Australia, with some awaiting boats to take them to Malaysia. The investigations also found there were Thai travel agents who were coordinating behind the illegal operation. Each worker had to pay these agents 60,000 baht for their aid.

Officials disclosed that there were armed Thai bouncers guarding the perimeter when authorities conducted the raid. They believed that the apprehended workers were victims of human trafficking rings involving multi national brokers, including Thais and those from neighboring countries.