Ministry of the Interior orders prevention of graft in School Lunch Project


Bangkok – The Ministry of the Interior has instructed all provincial governors to see to it that corruption in the school lunch project doesn’t occur at any of over 20,000 public schools nationwide. The authorities are yet to investigate if any irregularities might have taken place in the project.

The Interior Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Chatchai Phromlert, said that Local Administration Department Director General Sutthipong Chulcharoen had sent an urgent letter to provincial governors throughout the country to take strict measures to prevent corruption in the important school lunch project.

The Department of Local Administration has taken several measures against possible corruption but officials and inspectors at many local units have failed to take strict measures, thus allowing some wrong doers to take funds from the project.

The department’s measures include an examination of financial and accounting activity of schools in the care of local administrative organizations; notification of the categories and amounts of food or food ingredients consumed on a daily basis; the periodical inspection of the local operation by a working group of local administrative officials involved in the procurement of school lunches, and the setting up of committees to oversee the reception of ingredients used in the project, members of which are to be rotated.