Medical marijuana awaits proper studies: PM


Bangkok – The Prime Minister has confirmed the introduction of marijuana for medical purposes will proceed, but only after proper studies have been concluded. Related agencies are now working on appropriate scientific means of certifying medical marijuana usage.

Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha has reassured the public that the government doesn’t have any objection to medical marijuana, but medical studies are required to ensure correct usage to maximize the benefit to those receiving treatment. He said this requirement is not intended to cause any conflict with any side, but a study committee will need to be set up to clarify the issue. He then added that the medicinal properties of medical marijuana products must have been properly certified, and that related agencies are now working on a recipe for Thai medical marijuana products in order to certify the manufacturing and recommended usage.

The Thai premier has discouraged the general public from using marijuana products which have not been certified, and are not in compliance with modern medicine, saying that the government must regulate the use of marijuana by following lawful steps, ensuring the best results, and allowing the application accordingly to suitable illnesses.