‘Man Eater’ label removed from Si Quey exhibit


Bangkok – The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Siriraj Hospital has confirmed that the hospital’s medical museum has removed the label “cannibal” from the display case containing the embalmed remains of serial killer Si Quey.

Dr. Prasit Watthanapha said the label has been taken down as the hospital never had the idea to display Si Quey’s body as a selling point. The transcript of the court’s sentence of the case is still on show as well as the document requesting Si Quey’s body for an autopsy and display. A merit-making ceremony is held every year for him on October 5.

Dr. Prasit confirmed that relatives of Si Quey had never been found and maintained that Siriraj Hospital’s medical museum is aimed at being a learning source for cases and forensic science. In the past, the study of prisoners’ bodies was aimed at examining their brains for any signs of abnormalities.