Mahout shares story of viral clip of his elephant clearing road block


Bangkok – A 53-year-old male Si Dor elephant named “Charuek” is now famous on social media following pictures of him helping remove a fallen tree obstructing road traffic going viral.

His mahout, Lamead Tolo, revealed on the day of incident, he was taking the elephant back from an ordination parade at Pak Nam Pho in Nakhon Sawan province when he noticed unusual traffic congestion and suspected there might be an accident, which turned out to be a fallen tree blocking the road. With the congestion getting worse in both directions, Lamead ordered Charuek to help, without knowing that this action would become an internet sensation afterwards.

The elephant owner, Pratuan Piluek, said his father once told him Charuek is a sacred elephant who must not be sold. The elephant was usually hired for events, and once performed in Hong Kong. Charuek now no longer goes to performance events due to his age but still attends ordination and merit making events, for which he constantly receives bookings.