LINE-Facebook scammers arrested


Bangkok – Crime Suppression police have arrested two suspects believed to be part of a scammer group operating on LINE and Facebook apps, misleading victims into transferring money to them.

The two individuals, identified only as Narumol, 19 years old, and Samart 44, were arrested as suspects in the financial fraud. They were apprehended by police from the Crime Suppression Division (CSD), according to the arrest warrants issued by Thonburi Criminal Court.

The scammers operate by accessing other peoples’ LINE or Facebook accounts, pretending to be that person, and asking victims who are relatives or acquaintances of the owners of the stolen social media accounts to transfer money to the scammers’ bank account. The scammers have so far tricked hundreds of people, with the total damage estimated at 4 million baht.

It is suspected that Naruemol is the person behind the online activities, stealing online accounts, reaching out to victims, and providing bank account numbers for money transfers, while Samart is believed to be the person withdrawing cash from the bank.