LINE Corporation refuses to give up users information for Cyber Crime Police


BANGKOK, 14 Aug 2013 (NNT) – Line Corporation, a popular online text messaging service provider, reaffirms its stance on its user’s privacy, refusing to give up its user data to police while disclosing that it has not been officially contacted by the Technology Crime Suppression Division (TCSD) regarding the matter. 

Commander of the TCSD, Police Major General Pisit Pao-in, commented on the division’s policy to curb cyber crimes by inspecting social media application such as LINE, Whatsapp, and Facebook on smart phones and personal computer, saying that the measure would only be applied to suspects of a cyber crimes only.

He explained that only those whose actions may compromise the 3 national security principles would be subjected to the division’s proposed social media probe. The 3 principles are national security, public peace & order, and social morals.

Police Major General Pisit reiterated that the probe would not violate the basic human right, stressing the TCSD’s jurisdiction only covers the inspection of application’s contact list which would be used to identify law offenders. He ensures officials would not intrude personal conversations.

The TCSD commander said that the division is currently coordinating with the Royal Thai Police’s social media monitoring center in hunting down those responsible for advertising illegal goods and services such as prostitution, drugs and firearms through the use of social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra commented on the matter saying that she has not yet received details of the TCSD’s action. She however chimed in her opinion that when it comes to the delicate issue of violating human right and upholding national security, the proceeding of the policy has to be done in a case by case manner.

Human Right Committee member, Medical Dr. Nirun Pitakwatchara, called on the TCSD not to use its power to violate human rights, pointing out concerns that by interfering with Line Corp.’s operation and obtaining its user database, the TCSD may violate Section 38 of the Constitution which protects Thai citizen’s communication privacy from the government’s interference.