Higher Mekong tide helps Thai-Laos river transport


Bangkok – In Bueng Kan district in the north, heavy rains have increased the water level in Mekong River, which helps facilitate river ferries and cargo boats connecting Thailand and Laos.

The water level in the Mekong was recorded at 4.7 meters at Ban Pan Lam tide gauge on Tuesday. The 9 reservoirs under the supervision of Bueng Kan Irrigation Project are now holding water at an average of 79.10 percent of total capacity.

The upper regions of Thailand are expected to continue facing heavy rain and villagers in affected areas are advised to be cautious of potential danger, including flash floods, over the next few days.

Meanwhile, big waves at 2-3 meters high and thunderstorms are expected in the Andaman Sea, while the Gulf of Thailand is expected to have 2-meter tall waves. Sailors are advised to exercise cautions while operating, while small boats should remain ashore until the end of the week.