First batch of marijuana extract to be used for patients in research projects


Bangkok – The Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO) has confirmed that the first 2,500 bottles of medical-grade marijuana extract which will be produced in July, and will only be used on patients in research projects.

Target patients include those who suffer from nausea after receiving chemotherapy; children with epilepsy that is difficult to cure in child patients; any patients with epilepsy who have exhibited drug resistance; patients with multiple sclerosis and muscle contractions, and patients with neuropathic pain who fail to respond to treatment by any other method.

In addition, an in-depth research study which requires laboratory, preclinical and clinical research for patients with diseases that cannabis extracts may be able to help control, including Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and anxiety disorders, will also be conducted.

Patients can apply to join these research projects at the Department of Medical Services (DMS), which will determine whether medical fees are applicable on an individual basis.

In early 2020, the GPO will begin planting and producing hemp extracts on a semi-industrial level. This will increase the production capacity by approximately eight times, rising to about 80,000 bottles per year and providing greater access for patients.