Dugong Mariam stranded again after ebb tide


Bangkok – Authorities have accelerated the installation of buoys in front of Duyong Bay to mark the area where all types of vessels are prohibited from entering because they may endanger the baby dugong Mariam, which was once again found stranded after the ebb tide.

A Facebook page video clip from the Department of National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) showed authorities helping the stranded Mariam in front of Khao Batoo. They moved the baby dugong to a deep water channel until it was safe to release her.

Chaiyaphruek Weerawong, head of the Libong Islands Non-Hunting Area, has ordered the Libong Islands Non-Hunting Area officials to install additional orange buoys in the sea in front of Duyong bay, 150 meters from the shore. When a boat approaches, the baby dugong has a tendency to swim towards it because she mistakes it for her mother.