DSI has inspected 207 luxury cars so far


Bangkok, 5 July 2013,–In the latest round of examination, the Department of Special Investigation has revealed that the 5 luxury cars confiscated in Nontaburi Province were legally obtained. 

The investigation in to the alleged tax-dodging scam has been conducted in the wake of an accident in Srisaket Province, which raised suspicions that a large number of luxury cars have been illegally imported into Thailand. The operation is a cooperation among the DSI, the Land Transport Department, Customs Department, the Excise Department, the Thai Industrial Standard Institute, Central Institute of Forensic Science Thailand, and technician representatives from various luxury car companies.

According to investigators, the 5 cars that passed the latest round of inspection were registered in Nontaburi Province. All have been officially proven as having been legally assembled from secondhand parts in the country, given the identification numbers of the bodies, engines, and gearboxes were unmatched.

Authorities have certified the vehicles before releasing them back to their owners.

DSI earlier has summoned 548 owners of high-end cars worth 4 million baht and over each to come forward for inspection. So far, 207 have been verified as legally imported.