Drugs evidence to be destroyed, marijuana spared


Bangkok – The Food and Drugs Administration has decided not to destroy confiscated marijuana which was found to be uncontaminated and will keep it for research. However, other illicit drugs are to be destroyed starting this month.

Food and Drugs Administration Secretary General, Dr. Thanet Karasanairawiwong said that over 16 tons of drugs seized as material evidence during court proceedings in over 6,900 cases, are to be destroyed by incineration. Most of the drugs are methamphetamine, followed by crystal meth, heroin, opium and cocaine, plus over 16 kilograms of cannabis seeds.

The incineration of seven tons of the drugs is scheduled for Thursday this week, and the other nine tons on July 5. The drugs will be incinerated at a temperature of more than 850 degrees in the premises of the Center for Infrastructure and Environment Administration in Ayutthaya province.

However, the Food and Drugs Administration secretary general confirmed that 22 tons of uncontaminated marijuana won’t be destroyed but will be delivered to the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine, universities and the Office of Narcotics Control Board for research purposes.