DMS dismisses claim that microwaves more dangerous than atomic bombs


Bangkok – The Department of Medical Sciences (DMS) says information indicating that microwave ovens are more dangerous than atomic bombs is not true as the mechanism of operation to channel heat energy directly to molecules inside food does not cause harmful radiation.

A rumor spread online suggested that the Japanese government had decided to dispose of all microwave ovens in the country before the end of this year because a research finding suggested they are more dangerous than the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It further went on to allege that all Japanese citizens not fulfilling the requirement to dispose of their ovens would face a fine or imprisonment.

DMS Director General Ophas Karnkawinphong said the Bureau of Radiation and Medical Devices has confirmed that microwave ovens do not release any residual radiation and the rumor online is not true.

Those still interested in checking their microwave ovens for safety can have them examined at the Bureau of Radiation and Medical Devices at the Medical Science Centers throughout the country during office hours.