Democrat MP reveals fresh evidence against rice pledging scheme at Parliament


BANGKOK, 17 July 2013 A Democrat MP, Mr. Warong Dejkitwikrom, has revealed to a barrage of reporters how the spoiled rice, which he claimed was found in a government rice barn, dodged the quality inspection. 

Mr. Warong, Phitsanulok Democrat MP, led a team of Democrat MPs to the Parliament to demonstrate how the spoiled grains had been hidden from a watchful eye of the inspectors. The demonstration was intended for representatives of the Government Spokesmen Bureau as requested by the bureau. However, Mr. Warong decided to reveal the methods used in concealing the bad rice to the reporters as no officials were present on the scene.

He said in order to avoid being discovered, the sacks of deteriorating rice would be placed amid piles of other sacks which contain good rice, to keep them out of the inspector’s reach. The Democrat MP also showed a video clip, which he said was filmed at a barn located in Nakhon Sawan, to the reporters to show how expired rice was being obscured from authorities.

Mr. Warong later revealed an autograph in Chinese, believed to belong to a Chinese business woman, appeared in a contract made via a government to government agreement. He said the rice bought by the Chinese entrepreneur was, instead, being sold in Thailand and, thus, caused the price of refined rice to be cheaper than that of the paddy.

He also disagreed with the Commerce Minister’s idea to insert a chip inside every rice sack to prevent grafts in the rice pledging scheme, saying the approach will not work. Mr. Warong’s evidence concerning the pledging program was finally presented to Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office Sompas Nilpan.