BMA inviting Thais to stop drinking alcohol during Buddhist Lent


BANGKOK, 12 July 2013 The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is inviting all Thais to stop drinking during the auspicious occasion of Buddhist Lent which lasts 3 months, starting July 23.

The BMA is launching the “No Drinking during Buddhist Lent” campaign, in which Thais are urged to make a pledge that they will not consume alcoholic drinks during the next three months. The campaign is also intended as a tribute to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. It is also aimed at reducing the number of drinkers and alcohol-related crimes.

According to Bangkok Deputy Governor Pusadee Tamthai, it has been found that the number of male drinkers is 5 times higher than women, especially teenagers aged between 15 and 24. These teens account for 15 percent of all drinkers in the country.

The average age that men start drinking is 19 years old and the majority of women start drinking at 24. The deputy governor went on to say that the number of drinkers rises every year with the northern region having the highest drinking rate of 39 percent, followed by the northeast at 37 percent, central and southern regions at 28 and 19 percent respectively.