Active dengue fever watch in provinces


Nan – One fatality from dengue fever has been reported in Nan province, while the province has the second highest number of dengue patients in the eight upper northeastern provinces at 95 patients, a number which is expected to increase. Local authorities have been urging villagers to guard against being bitten by mosquitoes, and to be especially protective of young children. They have also implemented stricter disease prevention measures.

Meanwhile in Nakhon Si Thammrat, in the south of the country, 140 dengue patients have so far been reported without any fatalities. Nakhon Si Thammrat City Municipality has sprayed mosquito repellent within a 100-meter radius of each patient’s house, and distributed zeolite powder to be put in water containers to eliminate mosquito larvae. The municipality has approved an 800,000 baht urgent budget from health security funds in 10 communities for the purchase of disease control equipment. Additional budgets will be approved for 53 more communities next week.