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Pope Francis heading to Thailand

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis is heading to Thailand to encourage members of a minority Catholic community in a Buddhist nation and highlight...

Republicans assail security aide who reported Trump call

WASHINGTON (AP) — A career Army officer on assignment to President Donald Trump's National Security Council testified Tuesday he felt it was his duty...

Shooting deaths rattle small, tight-knit US Hmong community

Fresno has been the heart of California's Hmong community for decades, drawing refugees from war-torn Southeast Asia who built a tight-knit population in the...

‘I am an American,’ Vindman reminds Trump allies in hearing

WASHINGTON (AP) — "It's Lt. Col. Vindman." With that, the Iraq War veteran, his chest flush with ribbons and commendations, tersely reminded Republican lawmakers questioning...

5 things to know about Pope Francis’ visit to Thailand

BANGKOK (AP) — Pope Francis arrives in Thailand on Wednesday Nov 20, for the first visit here by the head of the Roman Catholic...