Wood – a chip off the old block


Travellers Rest Golf Group


Monday, Jan. 16, Khao Kheow – Stableford


Div 1 (0-15)

1st Barry Wood (12) 36pts

2nd Mike Rushant (12) 33pts

3rd Neil Wilkinson (12) 33pts


Div 2 (16+)

1st Reg Glass (20) 35pts

2nd Freddy Starbuck (16) 35pts

3rd Lawrence Lee (20) 32pts


The third week of the year saw a return to the type of weather that we expect in January.  The Monday visit to Khao Kheow saw Div. 1’s top 3 places all going to 12 handicap golfers.  In third place Neil Wilkinson achieved 33 points and was just beaten on count back by Canadian Mike Rushant.  However 36 points from Barry Wood (no he did not use to open the batting for Lancashire and England) saw him achieve a comfortable victory.

In Division 2, Reg Glass was at it again and his 35 points ensured a third victory in the past 3 outings.  Freddy Starbuck came second, losing out to Reg on count back and Lawrence Lee finished third with 32.

Barry Wood.
Barry Wood.

Tuesday, Jan. 17, Burapha – Stableford


1st Richard Talbot (16) 40pts

2nd Billy Allen (18) 36pts

3rd Paul Colfar (40) 34pts


Tuesday’s visit to Burupha saw the return of heavy overnight rain to leave a wet, long course and the scores reflected these conditions.

Oxfordshire’s big hitting Paul Colfer continued with his fine form to pip Mike Smith into third place on count back with 34 points.  Second place went to the man with the film star looks, Billy Allen, with 36 points, and 12 of the players out of the field of 20 scored over 30 points.  I almost forgot, Talbot the scribe won the day with a streaky 40 points.


Wednesday, Jan. 18, Phoenix – Stableford


Div 1 (0-16)

1st John Dean (10) 38pts

2nd Barry Wood (12) 37pts

3rd Jim Cooper (15) 36pts


Div 2 (17+)

1st Freddy Starbuck (16) 36pts

2nd Peter Cahill (18) 35pts

3rd Bjorn Werner (18) 34pts

Arthur Kimo.
Arthur Kimo.

On Wednesday 29 golfers visited Phoenix Gold.  Why is it that a course that isn’t particularly long and without any many obvious hazards still manages to catch out many a golfer?

In Division 1, Aberdeen’s very own speech therapist Jim Cooper scored 36 points to finish third, with Barry Wood having yet another good day to take second with 37.  However, the top prize was claimed by John Dean whose score of 38 points off a 10 handicap was a fine effort.

In Division 2, third place was claimed by Bjorn Werner with 34 points.  Peter Cahill’s score of 35 points was good enough to take second place but Freddy Starbeck took the top prize with 36.  In his last 8 rounds Freddy has been on the podium 5 times and is clearly finding golf in Thailand easy!


Thursday, Jan. 19, Green Valley – Stableford


Div 1 (0-15)

1st Paul Colfar (4) 38pts

2nd Mike Smith (5) 37pts

3rd Freddy Starbeck (16) 36pts


Div 2 (16+)

1st Ted Senior (17) 35pts

2nd Arthur Kimo (19) 33pts

3rd Alan Weber (22) 31pts


The golf group visited Green Valley on Thursday and Paul Colfar continued his fine form with 38 points to take top spot in Division 1.  Mike Smith, still off 5, came in second with 37 points and Freddy Starbeck was third with 36.

Third place In Division 2 was taken by Llanelli’s very own 1972 choir boy of the year, Alan Weber, with 31 points.  Arthur Kimo took second with 33 but the top prize went to Ted Senior.  A locksmith by trade, Ted claims that business was never better than when he lived in Australia. Surprise, surprise!

Bjorn Werner.
Bjorn Werner.

Friday, Jan. 20, Pattavia – Stableford


Div 1 (0-17)

1st Mike Rushant (12) 36pts

2nd Ito Akitoshi (10) 35pts

3rd Anthony Atherton (13) 34pts


Div 2 (18+)

1st Arthur Kimo (19) 39pts

2nd Reg Glass (20) 34pts

3rd Jack Macnamara (18) 32pts


Friday saw a visit to the lightening greens of Pattavia.  In Div. 1, third place went to the Rotherham man Anthony Atherton with 34 points, with second place going to Ito Akitoshi, who is definitely not from Rotherham, with 35.  But the first spot was secured by Canada’s very own Mike Rushant.  It is always a great pleasure playing with Mike as the aroma of the golf course is transformed with him puffing away on one of his honey infused cigars.  Ah the sweet smell of success!

In Division 2 Jack Macnamara took third on count back from Eddie Townshend, both with 32 points.  Second place went to Reg Glass with 34 points but first prize was claimed by Arthur Kimo with 39.  Hailing from New Zealand, Arthur appears to be a mysterious figure, so with that in mind I can happily report that this was a magnificent round of golf and he fully deserved his win.


Saturday, Jan. 21, Greenwood – Stableford


1st Bjorn Werner (18) 36pts

2nd Keith Evans (16) 32pts

3rd Nick Thomas (10) 31pts


The TRGG visited Greenwood on Saturday and despite the long drive the group was rewarded with breezy, hot conditions and virtually no one else on the golf course.

Nick Thomas scored 31 points to finish thid and Keith Evans’ strong finish resulted in 32 points and second place.  However the day was won by Bjorn Werner who comfortably took the day’s top prize with 36 points.  Bjorn then delighted his fellow competitors by telling them how easy he had found it and how he should have scored more points.  Every club has one!