Wichai & Erik form a deadly duo


Jomtien Golf with the IPGC

Monday, Oct. 7, The Emerald – Stableford

At Siam Cats on Sunday evening there were quite a few concerns about the weather situation, with a prediction of more rain to come, so there were a few cancellations for Monday’s golf at Emerald.  In the morning there were still three groups who wanted to continue to the course and there was no rain on the journey so we teed off at our normal time of 9.30 a.m.

After three holes the clouds rolled in and for the next six holes intermittent light and heavy showers persisted.  One group decided to return to the clubhouse and the other two continued for the full 18 in mediocre conditions but the competition was declared null and void.

Wednesday, Oct. 9, Greenwood – Stableford

We were allocated the C and A courses today and the cut was 7-18 in division 1 and 20 + in division 2.  We teed off in glorious sunshine, which made a big difference to what we had been used to lately.

Wichai Tananusorn and Erik Reguinussen.Wichai Tananusorn and Erik Reguinussen.

Playing off 30, Glenn King returned the best score of the day in division 2, winning with 37 points.  Chris Reed was second with 31 and Ray Gott took third one point further back.

There were three 35’s in division 1 with Kari Kuparinen taking the top podium position with 19 points on the back nine.  Wichai Tananusorn and Reijo Heiskanen fought it out for second place with 17 each on the back nine but Wichai pipped Reijo with a 11/10 back six count back.

Near pins went to Kari Kuparinen, Dennis Scougal, Chris Reed and Chris Slota.

Kari Kuparinen birdied A6 for the only ‘2’ of the day to take the pot in Division 1.

Friday, Oct. 11, Eastern Star – 2 Person Scramble

This was another one of our fun games before the high season kicks in with a two person stableford scramble; one player from division 1 (1-16) and one from division 2 (17+) in each team.  There were 20 teams out in total, each receiving 40 % of combined handicap and each player had to record 7 tee shots.

The weather conditions were perfect for the day with low clouds and a cool breeze coming off the coast.

Wichai and Erik won the day with 45 points and in second place were two teams locked on 44.  Both scored 23 on the back nine and 15 on the back six and this continued on the back three with 8 each, but in the end with 6/5 on the last two holes Mike Chatt and Alan Bissell beat Martin Grimoldby and Glyn Evans.

Mike Chatt and Alan Bissell.Mike Chatt and Alan Bissell.

Chris Voller and Rodney Howett finished fourth with 43 points after beating Bill Bertram and Burnie Sinclair and Bryan Rought and Glenn King on a 25/21/21 back nine count back.

Regular near pin prizes were won by Mike Chatt, Bob Moore, Marty Rock, Dennis Scougal, Glyn Evans, Glenn King and Chris Slota.

Special technical prizes for nearest the pin in multiple shots went to Bob Moore and Fred Temminck (3), Bill Bertram and Burnie Sinclair, Wichai Tananusorn and Erik Reguinussen, Kari Kuparinen and Reijo Heiskannen, Don Head and Miss Nut, and Chris Voller and Rodney Howett.

Mike Chatt and Alan Bissell birdied the 17th as did Marty Rock and Jimmy Johnson to share the spoils in the ‘2’s competition.

It was a brilliant day out, something different, new partners and a different format, everyone enjoyed it.