A week to remember for Bill


Travellers Rest Golf Group

I seem to remember that this time last year there were three of our golfers who achieved a hole in one within about a week of each other.  So with it being Halloween on Monday of this week we quite spookily had another one.  In fact Canadian Bill Shepley had quite a week to remember because he won two golf competitions and recorded an ‘ace’.

Daryl Ottaway.
Daryl Ottaway.

Monday, Oct. 31, Pattana – Stableford

1st Bill Shepley (5) 37pts

2nd Robert Holl (12) 36pts

3rd Seil Peter (7) 33pts

On Monday the TRGG flew off over to do battle at Pattana (B and C courses).  The aforementioned hole in one hero was thanking his lucky stars after holing out on the eleventh as it also enabled him to win the competition on the day by one stroke from second placed Robert Holl.  Mystery man Seil Peter had another good day by taking third spot.

Tuesday, Nov. 1, The Emerald – Stableford

The golfing week continued at Emerald on Tuesday and it turned out to be a high scoring day for quite a few, with Daryl Ottaway tripping the light fantastic into the number one slot and a commendable 39 points.  Right behind him was Jack Mooney who waltzed into second place with while John Baxter showed he could do a little dance of his own by taking third place.

1st Daryl Ottaway (8) 39pts

2nd Jack Mooney (19) 38pts

3rd John Baxter (16) 36pts

Wednesday, Nov. 2, Treasure Hill – Stableford

Div. 1. (0-15)

1st Bill Shepley (5) 37pts

2nd Robert Holl (12) 35pts

3rd Seil Peter (7) 35pts

Div.2. (16+)

1st Kenny Hole (18) 30pts

2nd John O’Donoghue (18) 29pts

3rd Billy Allan (19) 29pts

It was a case of d้jเ vu on Wednesday with the first three from Monday finishing in exactly the same positions today at Treasure Hill.

Because of an increase in participants two divisions were needed and in Division 1 it was once again Bill Shepley who led Robert Holl and Seil Peter to the finishing tape.  This time however he did it without knocking in another hole in one.

In Division 2 it was Kenny Hole who holed out better than John O’Donoghue in second place and Billy Allan in third.  It did, however, take a count back before second and third could be separated.

Thursday, Nov. 3, Green Valley – Stableford

1st Sakai Yasu (11) 35pts

2nd Ian Smith (10) 35pts

3rd Mike Rushant (13) 34pts

Lawrence Lee.
Lawrence Lee.

It was off to Green Valley On Thursday where a very tight finish ensued.  Only two points covered the first three with Sakai Yasu taking the winners rosette.  Ian Smith finished with the runners up bouquet and Mike Rushant looked very fetching with his bunch of dandelions in third.

Friday, Burapha – Stableford

Div. 1 (0-16)

1st Robert Holl (12) 40pts

2nd Ben Denham (1) 35pts

3rd Derek Hutchenson (10) 35pts

Div. 2 (17+)

1st Lawrence Lee (21) 35pts

2nd Ged Higgins (22) 33pts

3rd Terry Mishokski (18) 33pts

The TRGG rounded off the week at Burapha (A and B courses) on Friday and once again there was a good turnout and two divisions were required.

In Division 1 Robert Holl had a very good day and recorded not only a win but also the best score of the day, 40 points.  There was quite a tussle behind him for second spot with Ben Denham just pipping Derek Hutchenson on count back.

In Division 2 Lawrence Lee did the business with just 35 points.  Ged Higgins finished in second place, just getting the better of Terry Mishofski after yet another count back.