Warberg & Elphick take honours at Greenwood


Golf from the Tropical Golf Group

Tuesday, Sept. 26, Bangpra – Stableford

This course was one of the earliest to open in the area and as such is a very mature layout.  We can always be sure of seeing much wildlife here and on this day we were not short of such sights.  However we were going for the golf and this is a testing course and on this day with a strong wind it proved difficult.  The fairways were fine and the carts were allowed on the fairways, but as usual the rough was difficult and the greens also.

Golfer of the month Dick Warberg (left), Monthly Mug winner Barry Elphick (right) and Lek of BJ’s Holiday Lodge.
Golfer of the month Dick Warberg (left), Monthly Mug winner Barry Elphick (right) and Lek of BJ’s Holiday Lodge.

The wind was a major factor on the day and as usual you always seemed to be against it on every hole, although obviously it could not be. Just felt like it.  The greens were difficult and although lacking the speed of a few years ago they were not easy.  Get above them and it is difficult to stop the ball, get below and you have to be firm.

All good things come to an end, and after a nice shower and a bite to eat, it was into cars and back to Pattaya.  Back there it was soon into the results and the winner on the day was Bob Britton with a very good 40 points.  In second place was Dick Warberg with 37 points ahead of a count back on 35 that saw John Edward in third and David Nicholson fourth.

Near Pins: Walter Baechli, Andre Van Dyk, Tom Herrington

Long Putts: Dick Warberg, John Davis

Friday Sept. 30, Greenwood B & C – Monthly Mug

It was big Friday for the Topical Golfers.  As happens sometimes, the Monthly Mug and Golfer of The Month results came on the same day.  Some people want their team to win the Ryder Cup, but more important is to hoist your own cup, er, mug in front of all your playing partners.  And it’s also no small matter to say “I was the best this month”.  Both were up for grabs this day.

Playing Greenwood B/C courses from the whites, 23 Tropical golfers headed head out to test their skill at stroke play.  Count them all folks, and if you pick up you give up.  Patience and course management are more important than usual.

Greenwood is currently in good to very good condition.  The only caveat is a few barrels of weed killer would greatly improve the fairways.

Bob Britton.
Bob Britton.

Dick Warberg had a large GOM lead going into the final day and basically needed a pulse to win, but mathematically the door was open.  As for the Mug, it’s always wide open to the best.

The winning scores were a little higher than usual for so many players at Greenwood, and Barry Elphick (c/h 29) came out on top with a net 70, and found himself the owner of a brand new mug!  Congrats to Barry E!  Henry Wong (24) was close with net 71, followed by Dave Nicholson (18) with net 72.  Maurice Roberts (14) won the net with a score of 73 and a count back decision over Dick Warberg (22) and Tom Herrington (20).

As mentioned, Dick Warberg basically had to show up to claim the prize but he wasn’t taking any chances with his fifth place finish, easily earning his second Golfer Of The Month prize!  A special thanks goes to Lek and BJ’s Holiday Lodge for sponsoring this event.

Near Pins: Kenny Chung, Don Carmody, Tommy Marshall, Takeshi Hakozaki.

Long Putt: Tommy Marshall.