Voller doubles up for the week


Jomtien Golf with the IPGC

Monday, Oct. 6. Green Valley – Stableford

The rainy season has kicked in here but as we arrived at the course today the weather did not look too bad.  Two divisions out and we teed off just ahead of schedule.  The weather began to look a little threatening but all of the groups except the last got in before the heavens opened and after a short spell the last four-ball quit on the 16th green and return to the clubhouse.

Alan Bissell returned the best score of the day, winning division 2 with 39 points, while Paul Hartley was second with 36.  Chris Voller won division 1 with 36 points, three ahead of Terry Madsen on 33.

Chris Voller (left) and Colin James.Chris Voller (left) and Colin James.

There was only one near pin winner today, and that was also Chris Voller.  In the ‘2’s Alan Bissell birdied the 8th from around 18 inches away and Paul Hartley did the same on the 13th to split the pot in division 2 while the aforementioned Chris Voller cleaned up in division1.

Friday, Oct. 10, Eastern Star – Stableford

Wednesday’s game at Plutaluang was washed out due to the rain but we had seven groups out on Friday at Eastern Star.  After a close inspection of the course we did not need to implement ‘pick, clean and place’ and the cut today was 9-16 and 17+ in division 2.

Three 35’s were returned in division 1 and with count backs of 19/15/15 it was Chris Voller who took the top podium position ahead of Mikael Andersson in second and Alan Hansen third.

A welcome return to Miss Nut and Don Head.A welcome return to Miss Nut and Don Head.

Frank Kelly won division 2 honours with 34 points while Chris Slota came in second two points behind and Joe Kubon finished third after beating Rod Howett 16/15 on the back nine, both with 31 points each.

Near pins went to Arthur Hancock, Alan Hansen, Reijo Heiskanen, Frank Kelly and Chris Slota.

Mikael Andersson birdied the 6th and the 13th and Frank Kelly the 6th as well to record the only ‘2’s of the day.