Van Dyk at the double

Andre Van Dyk and Bob Britton.
Andre Van Dyk and Bob Britton.

PSC Golf from the Tropical Golf Group

Tuesday, Jan. 15, Khao Kheow – Stableford

Khao Kheow Country Club was on the day’s agenda, and it is never easy to run up a big stableford score on this course. Today’s point totals were no exception. Alan Sullivan was the only player to better his handicap while Barry Elphick was able to take first in the C flight after totaling less than 30 points.

The greens were quick, and some large patches of the course were brown, with dried grass. I understood from my caddie, that there was a problem with the irrigation system. Mechanics at the pump house seemed to be working on the problem so let’s hope for the best.

Today we had a total field of 19 players, with eleven winners, spread over three flights. In the A flight (0–14) Alan Sullivan was on top with 37 points, playing from his handicap of 14. Second went to John Davis (10) with 34 and Paul Sharples’ (13) on 30 points took third on countback over Steve Truelove and Brian Parish.

In the B flight (15-22) Andre Van Dyk (17) was first with 35 points and Josef Buchberger (16) took second over Brian Gabe (16) on countback, both on 31 points.

In the C flight (23 and up) Barry Elphick (29) didn’t break 30 points, but his 29 was all he needed to claim first place. Patrick Poussier (28) also had 29 points but lost the top spot on countback. Torsten Bischoff (23) placed third with 28.

The best front nine, not placing, went to Brian Parrish’s 17, while Rob Brown had the best back nine score, also with 17 points.

Friday, Jan 18, Greenwood – Stableford

Twenty-five Tropical golfers headed to Greenwood for the first time this year. Some had shiny new golf gear to break in, or maybe just break.

We knew in advance that three golf groups where scheduled for the same time and there was some trepidation it would turn into a chaotic mess. Greenwood staff was up the challenge however, and the well choreographed start let all groups get around without bumping into each other. Greens were in very good condition and fairways, while good overall, were a botanist’s dream with numerous kinds of grass, clover and some weeds on each one.

Fourteen golfers had their names called, and we hope the announcers don’t get laryngitis soon. Many good scores showed that the course played well, and Andre Van Dyk deserves special notice as the best of the day with 41 points.

In the A-Flight (0-13) Bob Britton took the honours with 37points ahead of Steve Trulove in second with 34, Brian Parish third on 33 and Landis Brooks fourth with 32.

B-Flight (14-23) went to Andre Van Dyk’s 41 while Dick Warberg took the silver on 38, Tom Herrington occupied the bronze position with 34 and Joe Sparwirth completed the podium in fourth on 33.

Gordon Clegg’s even par 36 points was enough to win the C-Flight (24+) ahead of David Bailey on countback while Barry Elphick was third with 33 and Kurt E. fourth on 32.

Torsten Bischoff and Rob Brown had the best half rounds.