Truscott bounces back at Phoenix


Billabong Bar Golf Society

Monday, Oct. 24, Phoenix Gold – Stableford

The morning welcomed us with near perfect conditions for golf, a gentle breeze, the sun hiding behind a hazy covering of cloud and not particularly hot.  All was not rosy though as when we arrived at the course we found there was a parent/sibling competition in front of us, closely followed by a 4-ball playing off the blue tees when they only had the ability to be playing off the reds.  A near 5 hour round did nothing for our concentration, but not all suffered.

Tony Oakes (right) receives his medal from Bob Philp.
Tony Oakes (right) receives his medal from Bob Philp.

Brian Maddox made a guest appearance with the Billabong and perhaps it will not be his last for he occupied third place with 37 points.  Thiery Petrement had 6 consecutive 4s on the front nine followed by a birdie 3 but a bogey on the last ensured that he only had 23 points on the outward half.  He came down to earth a little on the back nine, ending the day in second with 39 points.  Kim (Nipper) Truscott was in despair the previous week with 21 points but he obviously had forgotten that disappointment as he came home with 41 points to win the day.

Bob Philp 4-putted two consecutive greens but had some consolation by having a ‘2’, as did Julie Battersby.

Occasional golfer Greig Ritchie came back red faced after not hitting past the ladies tee with his drive on three separate occasions, but being a kiwi gentleman he bought a round of drinks for his playing partners back at the Billabong.

Wednesday, Oct. 26, Green Valley – Monthly Medal

By the time you read this report Green Valley will have altered 2 holes and changed many of the indexes also.  A new adventure indeed!  They still have not re-arranged the course as it should be, with the 18th hole by the clubhouse but the greens have nearly recovered from the excessive coring and sanding of more than a month ago and the course is overall in good condition, if a little soggy at the moment.

Medal is the ultimate challenge in golf but 11 ladies took up the challenge today and it was Miss Eng that finished third with a net 74, winning on a count back from Miss Ny.  Miss Sa has discovered some form recently and claimed second spot with net a 73, which was not helped by having 2 quadruple bogies.  Miss Tewin had an incongruous start with a 9 on the 1st hole but she is a strong willed lady and came back with 8 pars for a net 71 and took the trophy.

Tewin (right) was the medal winner in the Ladies flight.
Tewin (right) was the medal winner in the Ladies flight.

Wayne Cotterell had a bizarre start with 8 over par for the first 5 holes, which put a dent in his lofty ambitions.  Sel Wegner came fourth with a net 73, with Nipper Truscott continuing his recent form and occupying third place with net 72.  Murray Hart and Tony Oakes could not be separated over 18 holes, both on net 69, but Tony had a gross 40 on the back nine to Murray’s 42.  There was some compensation for Murray in the form of a birdie ‘2’ and he shared the pot with Bill Eyles and Julie Battersby.

Friday, Oct. 28, Plutaluang – Scramble

Plutaluang for the monthly scramble today with 12 teams taking part.  The course was in great condition but with the amount of rain recently it wasn’t surprising you didn’t get any run at all and where the ball landed is where it stayed.

Not surprisingly there were only two teams that beat 60 net, with the worst score of the day being 64.6.  It was up to Gerry Roche, Saeng, Kevin and Ed to take third place with a net 60.3, just ahead of the Brian Orr’s team with 60.6.  Second place went to Jerry Grocott, Julie Battersby, Nipper Truscott and Andrew Woodall with a nett58.3, and it was up to the Valley Hackers, Don Hachy, Ed Horrocks, Neil Decker and Rick Hiate, to take top spot with a score of 57.5 – a great round indeed!

The next scramble is the 25th of November.