Too cold and windy to go snorkeling


PSC Billabong Golf

Friday, Dec. 6 Burapha Stableford

Burapha on a very windy and kinda cold day, with everyone turning blue we got away a little early on a packed golf course. All 4 nines were filled up tight. A special thanks to the management and staff, especially the starter, in arranging our teams to play A and B as the cripple Captain would not have been able to play the C and D loops by not being able to get up to the tee blocks.

The 4 caddies in our group were just fantastic in helping the old fella back to his cart from the greens. It is a humbling experience believe me.

It was going to be a slow round we thought but no we just cruised around the course. The greens were something else; to say they were quick would be the understatement of the year. They were like lightening but beautiful to putt on.
The golfers in front of us stopped for lunch so the 10th tee was empty when we got there. We did manage to nearly catch up with next group on the 13th as one of the guys managed to go snorkeling in his cart, caddy and all, in the lake just to the right of the 13th green. When we got there he and the caddy were on dry land but his wallet and watch and a few other bits and pieces were still under water. All you could see of the cart was the roof. The round proceeded quite fast after that.

The scoring wasn’t very good as 40 to 50 knot winds didn’t help anyone’s golf. Taking 3rd place was Francis Goyons with a fine 32 points. There was a count back for the top placings with Bill Peach taking second with 33 points and John Locke taking first with the same score.
There were no twos recorded.