Tony Browne finds something extra

Tony Browne, winner at Leam Chabang, commented how it had been a long time since he had last worn the Green Jacket.

Pattaya Sports Club Links Golf Society

Friday, Oct. 30
Laem Chabang A+B

When we received a message from Laem Chabang offering the chance for a special price of 1684 baht all-in, how could we refuse?

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Unfortunately, that meant that we had to cancel the booking we had at another course. At such short notice, rounding up some players was difficult as some had other commitments, for golf or otherwise.

However, with three Frenchmen joining us, two of them having played with us a long time ago, we had three groups of four to tackle the A and B combination.

We tempted fate as we stood in the mustering area and, looking skywards, decided that it would not rain. Three or four brief, passing showers swept across the course, but not enough to cause a stoppage.

Tony Browne has not had the best of luck recently and his handicap has blown out to an unlikely #20. Not only some luck today, but good golf got him 35 points on the scorecard to have a good win.

Whilst donning the Green Jacket later, he commented that it had been a long time since he had last worn it.

The next three placed players had 33 points and needed to be separated by countback. Roger Emery, one of the French connection, scored 18 points on the back nine to take second place. Martin Patch took third spot with 14 points, back nine, but that came down to the last six to leave Thierry Petrement in fourth place.

Winners at Laem Chabang

1st Place – Tony Browne (20) – 35 pts

2nd Place – Roger Emery (16) – 33 pts c/back

3rd Place – Martin Patch (15) – 33 pts c/back

4th Place – Thierry Petrement (10) – 33 pts

At our last visit here, the fairways were damp and had almost no run, so we decided to have lift, clean and place again. However, this time there was good run and just the odd ‘mud ball’.

The greens are immaculate, as usual, and played truly. The rough here, unlike others at this time, is nothing to worry about, unless you are well off target, as a couple can attest to.

The price offered certainly got our attention, but it may have been a one off. If we are really lucky, we might be offered that again. Meanwhile, it seems that Laem Chabang is keeping the Monday special at 2059 baht, at least for November.


Most courses have not raised prices for ‘high season’ and a couple have even lowered theirs.

Expat golfers are happy with that, but we are sure the golf clubs would prefer to have more customers and able to get some more income, as would the caddies.