Tommy & Henry shine at Crystal Bay


PSC Golf from the Tropical Golf Group

Tuesday, August 23, Bangpra – Stableford

One of our Tuesday regulars, this is a quality course and as I am informed, the first golf course on the Eastern Seaboard.  I may be wrong as there may have been minor courses before, but I think not.  With this being around for many years it is a very mature course and we see a lot of wildlife here.  Particularly the golfers when they try to play the course, as the greens can be tricky.  The monkeys are the major problem here and at times the big males can be quite aggressive, however on this day we did not see any of them until we reached the 16th hole and then the place teemed with them.  Nice to see!

Tommy Marshall (right) with Daryl Evans.
Tommy Marshall (right) with Daryl Evans.

The course itself was in reasonable condition, the greens on the front nine seemed a bit damp and slow but the ones on the back nine played much faster.  The fairways themselves seemed very dry despite the rain of late.

On our return to base at BJ’s in Pattaya it was soon into the results.  In the A Flight, 0 to 19, the winner was Maurice Roberts with a fine 40 points ahead of a count back on 38 that saw John Pierrel in second and Mashi Kaneta third.

In the B Flight, 20 up, the winner was George King with 36 points ahead of Charlie Sykes in second with 33 and then a count back on 32 points that saw Mick Goghlan in third and Kenny Chung just missing out.

Near Pins: Kenny Chung, Mike Johns, Tom Herrington, Gerd Riedler.

Long Putts: Brian Parish, Kenny Chung.

Friday, August 26, Crystal Bay – Stableford

The month is winding down and the pressure is winding up.  With a close Golfer of the Month race and the monthly mug coming up next week, this was the Tropical Golfers version of “moving day”.  Twenty three golfers joined the round at Crystal Bay in the hope of making it up the standings ladder.

Maurice Roberts (left) and George King (right) with one of BJ Lodge’s finest.
Maurice Roberts (left) and George King (right) with one of BJ Lodge’s finest.

With a slightly earlier than usual start, we were assigned the B & C links.  It’s been a while since we played the B-course and it was new to some.  Overall the course was in good condition, and the weather rather too warm for the front nine before some clouds and breeze kicked in.  Crystal Bay is known as a scoring course, and that was certainly the case this time.  Reaching handicap still left one sitting and clapping at the end of the day.

In A-Flight (1-18), Tommy Marshall (c/h 7) took full advantage of the easy layout with an excellent 39 points off his impressive handicap.  Great golfing Tommy!  Just losing on count back was Maurice Roberts (16) with the same score.  Brian Parish (13) made the big GoM move with a stellar 38 points on count back over colorful Walter.  Stay tuned for next week’s shootout!

In B-Flight (19+), Henry Wong (24) had the best score of the day with a shining 41 points!  Some courses have no defense from Henry’s big swing.  Daryl Evans (24) was next with 38 points, and then Dick (Mr. Chip-In) Warberg (23) made another good showing with 37 points.

Near Pins: Walter Baechli, Daryl Evans, Barry Elphick, John Pierrel.

Long Putts: Henry Wong, Graham Buckingham.