Thorogood casts off unwanted title


Travellers Rest Golf Group

Oh Happy Days!  After weeks of waiting, Derek Thorogood the bridesmaid of the golf world at the TRGG finally won a golf competition and to became a fully fledged bride.  Even better, his partner Fergus Brennan returned to Thailand after a trip back to England and the couple were re-united after a long absence and last Monday celebrated Derek’s win by officially tying the knot and becoming lifelong partners.

Monday, August 18, Greenwood – Stableford

Oh yes on Monday at Greenwood (A and B courses) there were celebrations all round as Derek Thorogood stormed into an unassailable lead on 38 points and held on for dear life.  Not even regular Monday winner Charlie Cox could dislodge him although his partner Rungratree Puangsal put in a fine effort but could only finish third on 37.  She in turn was beaten out of second place by John O’Donaghue on count back.

Bob Cannon - winner at Burapha.Bob Cannon – winner at Burapha.

1st Derek Thorogood (13) 38pts

2nd John O’Donaghue (16) 37pts

3rd Rungratree Puangsal (9) 37pts

Wednesday, August 20, Burapha – Stableford

On Wednesday at Burapha (A and B courses) Bob Cannon, having re-stocked with new golf balls after losing a shed load at Laem Chabang the previous Wednesday, played the best round of the day and walked off with first prize.  In a closely fought finish he just managed to pip ‘Mr Bananaman’ Tim Dalton who sliced his way into second place after beating German Odermatt on count back.

1st Robert Cannon (20) 33pts

2nd Tim Dalton (19) 32pts

3rd German Odermatt (12) 32pts

Friday, August 22, Pattavia – Stableford

Friday and it was off through the pineapple fields once again to Pattavia Century, which we found to be in excellent condition.  Putting is never easy on this course because the greens have more ups and downs than a fiddler’s elbow and once again many of us could be seen chasing our balls from one side of the green to the other and back again.

John O’Dohaghue - winner at Pattavia Century. John O’Dohaghue – winner at Pattavia Century.

John O’Donaghue didn’t seem to find it a problem and returned to the clubhouse with a quite remarkable 40 points.  Fergus Brennan, freshly returned from Blighty and now enjoying a honeymoon period back in Thailand, showed there is still life in the old dog yet by taking second place.  Welsh wizard Alan Webber, who also recently returned to Thailand and definitely NOT on his honeymoon (but still practicing), slotted into third place.

1st John O’Donaghue (16) 40pts

2nd Fergus Brennan (13) 32pts

3rd Alan Webber (20) 31pts

Good luck to all you golfers for the coming week and if you would like to play a round of golf with the TRGG please phone Fergus Brennan on 086 056 7019 or pop into the Ned Kelly Bar in Soi Lengkee and add your name to the weekly lists which are posted on the notice board.