The Mummy’s 6-pointer


The Backyard Golf Society

Just 7 Backyard golfers made the weekly trip to Emerald last week with several regulars away, ill or incapacitated.  The main competition was won by Terry ‘The Mummy’ Cowell with 39 points, including a 6-pointer on the par 4, index 1 12th hole where his approach found the cup.  This is certainly the first time any of us have heard of a 6-pointer.

All 7 players today scored over 30 points with Golden Trowel’s Boyfriend scoring 35 for second place.  The big winner in the skins was Yaya’s Delight with 7 and also the 3 rollovers from the previous week’s game.  ‘The Mummy’ had 6 skins, Golden Trowel’s Boyfriend had 1 and we have 4 rollovers to next week.  The near-pin was won by Kit.

Winners pose outside The Blue Sky Bar.Winners pose outside The Blue Sky Bar.

Welcome back to Linda’s better half Mickey, back in the Land of Smiles once again.

No major talking points from the round but as the scribe was one of the absentees we expect some juicy points from next week’s game.