‘The Divorcer’ bags a skin full


The Backyard Golf Society

The French Canadian contingent were the big winners at our weekly Emerald round on Friday.  Three groups out and we managed to get around in about 4hrs on what was a great day for golf.

The main stableford prize was won by Randy the French Canadian with 35 points, 1 ahead of Don ‘The Divorcer’, himself a lover of the Quebecois.  Both players claim not to be French but we ignore that minor technicality to gee them up a bit.

Amazingly the first 13 holes of the skins competition were draws so ‘The Divorcer’s’ birdie on the par 5, 14th enabled him to scoop a big pot there too.  The rollover from the previous week also went to ‘The Divorcer’ and Tel won the 4 other skins available for the day.

Randy & Don celebrate their golfing success with the staff at Blue Sky Bar.Randy & Don celebrate their golfing success with the staff at Blue Sky Bar.

To further boost his winnings, Don also picked up the near-pin prize on the par 3, 15th hole.

Down the road for a few beers and both the Frenchies bought rounds with their winnings, including several for the ladies in Blue Sky.

‘Second-hand’ Bob heads back to Old Blighty this week so we will miss his rotund frame around the place for a few months.  He did manage to sign off his time here with an interesting shot on one hole where his wayward attempt apparently knocked the top off one of the red stakes.  Enough said about that.

Dan ‘The Diet Whiskey Man’ has provided some information to the players on golf insurance and judging from the age and condition of some of our members it could come in handy at any time.

Army John (restored to #1 position in Blue Sky), our official groupie, was joined by his Taffy mate after the game, so we have now named Taff as associate groupie-in-training.  He has a long way to go to reach Army John lofty standards.