Terry claims victory at the Valley


The Players’ Lounge Golf Society

Sunday, August 17, Green Valley – Stableford

1st Peter Terry (23) 37pts

2nd Peter LeNoury (13) 36pts

3rd Eddy Beilby (20) 35pts

4th Mick Beresford (17) 33pts

Near Pins: Peter LeNoury

Rumors were rife that the course was just so-so nick, but to our surprise it was in fine condition and the greens were very good and played true.

We had just one flight today but with four places up for grabs.  Filling the fourth podium spot was the golf manager Mickey ‘nine holes’ Beresford with 33 points.  Eddy ‘the Eagle’ perched on the bronze podium step with35 points, just one stroke behind his good mate Peter ‘the right honorable’ LeNoury who did have the satisfaction of a near pin.  Standing atop the flight and the only player to better his handicap was Peter Terry with 37 points.

Tuesday, August 15, Phoenix – Stableford

1st Steve Mann (13) 38pts

2nd Niall Stuart (35) 35pts

3rd Mark Watkins (21) 30pts

4th Mick Beresford (18 30pts

Phoenix was the host to the TPL today and we were allotted the Mountain and Lakes which were in fine condition but the rough was tough as the scores would indicate.  There were three groups out so it was one flight but with four podium spots up for grabs.

Top score on the day was posted by Steve Mann with an excellent 38 points and he was also the only player to better his handicap.  Steve was three strokes clear of Niall Stuart while third place was awarded to Mark Watkins with 30 points, but only after he beat golf manager Mickey in a count back.

Friday, August 18, The Emerald – Stableford

1st Colin Goon (6) 39pts

2nd Henri Copperstone (5) 37pts

3rd Wayne Collerall (15) 37pts

4th Sel Wegner (12) 36pts

Near Pins: Henri Copperstone

Tree groups left the TPL to play our usual Friday bash at the Emerald Golf Course.  Winning the flight and the man of the match honours was Colin Goon who posted an excellent 39 points.  Colin was two clear of the tandem of Henri Copperstone and Wayne Collerall and when the divots had settled it was Henri who was awarded second place.  This left Sel Wagner to tidy up the flight podium.