Sweetnam tastes victory at Crystal Bay


Jomtien Golf with the IPGC

Monday, March 4, Plutaluang – Stableford

We were back on the West and North courses today after a change from last month’s rounds and with 44 players there were three divisions out today with the cut at 5-15, 16-20 and 21 plus.

Playing off the white tees with three shots added to her handicap and with a difference of a thousand yards, Miss Nut on 25 won division 3 with 41 points.  Glenn Martin took second on 38 points and Sid Ottaway was third with 34.

Billy Fitzgerald topped division 1 with 38 points after beating Paul Butler on a 18/15 back nine count back and Wilf Latham came in third with a 19/17 count back win over the boy going back to the UK for two months for some arithmetic lessons, Pete Sumner.

Walter Webber won division 2 with 37 points ahead of Rudi Schaefer in second place who topped Randy Flello on a 19/18 back nine count back after they both returned scores of 36.

Near pins went to Wilf Latham, Lindsay Phillips, Dennis Scougal, Horst Starchl, Jim Connelly, Miss Nut, Sid Ottaway and Walter Webber.

Walter Webber recorded the only ‘2’ of the day to take the max pot in division 2 after a birdie on the 6th on the North course.

Wednesday, March 6, Crystal Bay – Stableford

There has been a lot of positive feedback recently regarding the condition of this course and we returned today to be allocated the A and B courses, which pleased most.  Everyone was impressed and with a field of 37 players there were no moans at all after the round.

The cut was almost identical to Monday’s round for the three divisions and the best score of the day, with 16 on the front nine and an amazing 25 on the back, came from Jerry Sweetnam playing off 13 to win division 1 with 41 points.  Mike Chatt was second two points behind and Raivo Velsberg took third place on 36.

Paul Butler won the second division with 38 points ahead of Joe Peters in second on 35 and Jim Connelly placed third on 31.

The division 3 winner was Randy Flello with 37 points while Roar Berger came in second on 35 and in third place after his return from central Africa was Alan Bissell with 34.

Near pins were won by Billy Fitzgerald, Arvo Hiller, Arvo Narep, Jerry Sweetnam, Randy Flello, Tim Hake, Curtis Hessler and Matti Swire.

In the ‘2’s Billy Fitzgerald, Arvo Narep and Jerry Sweetnam shared the pot in division 1 and Ken Carr and Matti Swire birdied A8 and A5 to share the spoils in division 2.

Friday, March 8, Eastern Star – Stableford

There were only two divisions out today with the cut at 7-16 and 17 plus.  The organiser returned after a two month lay-off to record a historic 24 points while Iain Walsh posted the best score of the day, winning division 2 with 35 points.  Rod Howett came in second two points behind Iain and Walter Webber beat Frank Kelly for third on a 16/15 back nine count back after they both came in with 31 points.

Bill Bertram was the winner in division 1 with 33 points then there were three players tied on 32: Chris Voller took second place with 19 on the back nine after beating Marty Rock with 18 and Mikael Andersson lost out with 16.

Near pins went to Ken Leadstone, Chris Voller, Andy Baber (2), Frank Kelly and Iain Walsh.

After two nearest the pins wins around four feet away on the 6th and 13th, Andy was unable to convert either to claim the second division ‘2’s pot but Ken Leadstone birdied the poorly maintained 13th to win the division 1 pool.