Some like it hot


The Backyard Golf Society

It was a stifling hot day for golf at Emerald last Friday, May 1.  Typical of the local courses, people were informed earlier in the week that holiday prices would be applied on Friday but when we went to pay we were pleasantly surprised to find the price was actually lower than normal.  Wonders never cease.  The pricing trick did mean that The Impregnator was a non-starter and he could instead spend the day with the rug-rat in Jomtien.

The winner today with 36 points was Irish John, with The Biss and Beaker Larsen both shooting 35 whilst Second-hand Bob amazed all – especially himself – with 34.  The near-pin was won by Beaker.

The runaway winner in the skins was The Biss with 11 while Irish John had 4 and there singles to Second-hand Bob, Beaker and The Quiet Man.

Down the road then to another pleasant surprise, with the bars all back to the usual opening hours and the 2-5 shut-down or lock-in has been rescinded, at least for now.  We said goodbye for a while to Golden Trowel’s Boyfriend, who is off to Perth and Foos yer Doos who is away to San Diego and the delights of Tijuana in Meheco.