Seniors’ Tennis Tournament this weekend at Royal Cliff


The Thailand Seniors Championship (ITF Grade A) tennis tournament takes place this coming week, November 16-22 at Royal Cliff.

The Fitz Club – Racquets, Health and Fitness, with the Aspen Tree by Magnolia Quality Development Limited and Singha Corporation, will stage one of the world’s premier seniors’ tennis tournaments which is expected to bring in over 250 top players from over 15 countries around the world.

A good lineup of international players from as far as Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Australia, America to countries close to home including Hong Kong, India and Singapore will participate and compete for the prestigious ITF Championship title throughout the 7-day event.

The Grade A tournament is considered the highest category in the Asia Pacific and offers the highest level of elite international competition.

The event features the 35+ Singles and Doubles Open.

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