Second-hand winner


The Backyard Golf Society

It would be fair to say that all of our members and players have been playing golf for many years now, so it is puzzling that some players have still not figured out that you should not hit a shot until the players ahead are out of range.  What started off as three 3-balls and a 4-ball on Friday, Nov. 11 at Emerald soon underwent a Jose Mourinho change and ended up with a 3-ball behind the 4-ball, some players justifiably unwilling to have shots sailing over their heads.

The winner of the stableford was that well known exponent of the game, ‘Second-hand’ Bob.  And with his imminent departure back to Old Blighty, there was a scramble to book his cute caddy Poo for next week.

The near-pin went to Andy ‘The Deadliest Catch’ Crabb.  ‘Deadly’ was also the biggest winner in the skins with 7, ‘Second-hand’ Bob won 5, Irish John won 3 (and the 2 rollovers from the previous week), Foos yer Doos (off to have some haggis in Jockoland) won 2 and we had 1 rolled over.

The new month saw the end of the free buggy and those who walked (not very many of our members are even capable of walking 18) certainly felt the heat.  Even the resident canines were noticeable by their absence on a sweltering day.