Scullion secures excellent double


IPGC Golf from The Haven

Monday, Feb. 27, Greenwood A & C – Stableford

CSS 74

Div. 1 (0–15)

1st Billy Shepley (5) 35pts

2nd Ryan Thomas (0) 34pts

3rd Peter Skinner (9) 34pts

4th Bob Heath (13) 33pts


Div. 2 (16+)

1st Patrick Scullion (20) 34pts

2nd Stephen Burton (20) 32pts

3rd John Wood (25) 32pts

4th Phil Stevenson (24) 31pts


The A and C courses measure three feet short of 6,600 yards and they usually play the full distance.  On this occasion it was no different and with a bit of a strong breeze blowing it meant that the CSS for the day moved out to 74.  The upward movement could in no way have been attributed to the course condition, which was as always excellent with the fairways offering good looking lies and the greens fast and flat.

Patrick Scullion.
Patrick Scullion.

Two divisions cut at 15 and below for the first were required with the top flight filled with many single handicappers.  Billy Shepley took the top step of the podium with a one over handicap return just one ahead of Ryan Thomas, whose one under gross back nine was just short for the win but good enough to take second place after a count back over Peter Skinner, winning by 19 to 15.  They were followed in by Captain 2000, Bob Heath, one more back.

The second division was taken by Patrick Scullion by two with two level 17-pointers for each of the nines as Stephen Burton took second place after a remarkable back nine of five under handicap, which enabled him to win a count back over John Wood with a better 23 to 15 as Phil Stevenson trailed closely behind in fourth place.

There were no 2s in the second division but Billy Shepley and Neville Duncan shared the first division with one each.

Andy Pedlar.
Andy Pedlar.


Wednesday, March 1, Khao Kheow B & C – Stableford

CSS 73

Div. 1 (0-19)

1st Greg Gawron (17) 34pts

2nd Robert Knight (19) 33pts

3rd Kevin Blake (6) 32pts

4th Andy Pedlar (19) 30pts


Div. 2 (20+)

1st Patrick Scullion (20) 34pts

2nd Markku Tynell (22) 32pts

3rd Phil Stevenson (24) 29pts

4th Frank Dunstan (26) 29pts


Another good turnout for the fortnightly visit to one of the toughest courses in the area again saw a rise in the CSS, but this time by just one stroke as the greens really showed their teeth after being closely mown just prior to the group’s arrival.

Greg Gawron took the first division top spot for the first of his two wins in the week with an unspectacular two-over handicap round, but still just enough for his maiden victory with the group.  Robert Knight took second place just one behind while Kevin Blake recovered well from a very slow start, which saw him garner just 13 points, to take third a couple in front of fourth placed Andy Pedlar.

Billy Shepley.
Billy Shepley.

Patrick Scullion took his second win of the week, again at two over handicap, as Markku Tynell made a good return to the group in second place.  He was followed by Phil Stevenson after he had won a count back over Frank Dunstan with a better 16 to 14.

The first division 2’s pot was shared between Mark Cooper, Paul McDonald and Neville Duncan whilst the second division multi-pool pot went to Phil Stevenson.


Friday, March 3, The Emerald – Stableford

CSS 75

Div. 1 (0-18)

1st Greg Gawron (17) 37pts

2nd Neville Duncan (10) 34pts

3rd James Hawley (0) 32pts

4th Russell Gilroy (18) 31pts


Div. 2 (19+)

1st Andy Pedlar (19) 32pts

2nd Patrick Scullion (20) 31pts

3rd Frank Dunstan (26) 30pts

4th Mark Ward (20) 28pts


The last event of the week proved to be the hardest with the CSS moving out three strokes to 75 as all but the leader of the first division struggled to get to terms with the course.  The greens had been shaved to near billiard table speeds and any putt from above the hole was fraught with danger and a possible precursor for a chip back to follow.

Greg Gawron.
Greg Gawron.

In the first division Greg Gawron took his second win of the week with easily the best round of the day and three ahead of second placed Neville Duncan.  James Hawley at last began to get near to his usual form, with possibly the help of a couple of tips just prior to boarding the bus, as he tied up third place one in front of Russell Gilroy.

The second division saw Patrick Scullion vying for his triple in the week but he was denied by the RSM Andy Pedlar, as for once he eschewed his army golf for straight down the middle and a welcome win to add to his hazy memories of this tour of duty and leaving Patrick in second spot.

Fran Dunstan again showed some form in third place, two ahead of fourth placed Mark Ward who had been keeping step with the winner until a couple of really tired zero pointers rounded off his day.

There were no 2s in the first division but Greg Gawron added to his day’s spoils with the sole one in the second division.