Scribe sparkles at Crystal Bay


Travellers Rest Golf Group

We all got lucky this week and some more than others.  With September fast approaching the skies took on a more threatening face and the thunderstorms were gathering and growling just over the horizon, but somehow us golfers all managed to avoid getting wet.  I am sure that over the next few weeks we shall not get so lucky and it will be umbrellas at the ready. 

Golfers though are a hardy lot and I should imagine we all get up in the morning looking forward to the new challenge and another chance of playing the best round of the year.  Mostly by the end of the day reality has hit home and most golfers are feeling anything from mildly deflated to beaten to a pulp.  Still, after a couple of beers we all come back for more.

Monday, August 25, Greenwood – Stableford

Well let me tell you this week some good things happened.  On Monday at Greenwood (A and B courses) Jim Cooper started the week off in style by taking over the top spot from Charlie Cox and Derek Thorogood, who for the time being have headed off over the horizon.

Neil Bramley - winner at Emerald.Neil Bramley – winner at Emerald.

In second place was Fergus Brennan who is still suffering with his eyesight problems.  He finds it difficult enough to see the ball on the tee never mind where he has hit it, so I am guessing that his 32 points and second place on Monday must have given him quite a lift.  Bob Cannon, showing some good form of late, took third place.

1st Jim Cooper (15) 34pts

2nd Fergus Brennan (13) 32pts

3rd Robert Cannon (20) 31pts

Wednesday, August 27, The Emerald – Stableford

On Wednesday the TRGG headed off to Emerald and two golfers did a very unusual thing.  They both came away with a ‘2’ on their scorecard.  Nothing unusual there I hear you say but let me explain that this was not on par 3 holes but both of them chipped in with their second shot on par 4 holes.

Andy Rich – winner at Crystal Bay.

Those two golfers were Neil Bramley and Jim Cooper who came first and second respectively.  German Odermatt couldn’t match that and had to settle for third.

1st Neil Bramley (8) 37pts

2nd Jim Cooper (15) 35pts

3rd German Odermatt (12) 33pts

Friday, August 29, Crystal Bay – Stableford

It was off to Crystal Bay (C and A courses) on Friday.  Now I may have mentioned before that Crystal Bay is the only golf course in the world where I have had a hole in one so I look on it as a lucky course for me.  Once again it didn’t disappoint and for once I had one of those red letter days that don’t tend to come round that often.  I romped home with 39 points, which was good enough for first place.

Bob Cannon had another good day finishing in second and Wednesday’s winner Neil Bramley had to settle for third on the day.

1st Andy Rich (20) 39pts

2nd Robert Cannon (20) 37pts

3rd Neil Bramley (8) 36pts

Good luck to all you golfers for the coming week and if you would like to play a round of golf with the TRGG please phone Fergus Brennan on 086 056 7019 or pop into the Ned Kelly Bar in Soi Lengkee and add your name to the weekly lists which are posted on the notice board.