School coaches, athletes watch Bangkok FIFA training broadcast in Pattaya


School coaches, athletes and trainers gathered at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya to watch experts from the International Federation of Association Football speak on how to prevent football and sport injuries.

The Nov. 4 FIFA 11+ Warm-Up Program workshop, broadcast to Bangkok Hospital facilities across the kingdom from Bangkok, featured Dr. Mario Bizzini of FIFA’s Medical Assessment & Research Centre.

The workshop, held in conjunction with the Football Association of Thailand, consisted of two sessions.  The first featured a lecture on the causes, treatment and prevention of football-related injuries, and the principles and techniques behind the FIFA 11+ warm-up program.  During the second, participants put the techniques into practice.

FIFA 11+ is a complete warm-up routine to prevent injuries.  It combines exercises and training to provide general protection from injuries.  Recommended for athletes 14 and older, the warm-up should be performed before any training session, according to FIFA.

In Pattaya Capt. Paisal Jathrapithak, director of Bangkok Hospital Pattaya’ special activities program, said the broadcast was a good opportunity to introduce the warm-up techniques to area athletes and footballers.