Schiffke shoots sparkling round at Crystal Bay


Bunker Boys Golf Society

Monday, Nov. 14, Crystal Bay B & C (white tees) – Stableford

A Flight

1st Jimmy Carr (16) 39pts

2nd Geoff Parker (14) 38pts

3rd Chris Cox (11) 33pts

B Flight

1st Ross Schiffke (21) 45pts

2nd Mike Brett (20) 41pts

3rd Dave Ashman (17) 34pts

Near Pins: Geoff Parker (2), Les Hall, Keith Smithson.

Peter Allen.
Peter Allen.

Monday it was back to a course in good condition and after all the rains, the bare patches here have now got good grass coverage.  The greens and bunkers were also excellent and no fault could be found with the course.

Our man on fire, Jimmy Carr, once again won the A Flight, beating Geoff Parker by a solitary point, which makes him the leading contender to claim the golfer of the month title.  A welcome goes to Chris Cox who managed to hang onto third place today.

In the B Flight another frequent winner, Ross Schiffke, shot the lights out to score 45 points and must now come under the close scrutiny of the handicapper, but who minds losing a few shots after an outstanding game like that!  Mike Brett was convinced that he had won with his excellent 41 points only to have his dreams shattered on learning of the top score.

Wednesday, Nov. 16, Greenwood A & C (white tees) – Stableford

A Flight

1st Stuart Tinkler (14) 38pts

2nd Keith Smithson (1) 34pts

3rd Gordon Melia (17) 31pts

B Flight

1st Peter Allen (31) 37pts

2nd John Hughes (21) 37pts

3rd Keith Hemmings (19) 34pts

Near Pins: Geoff Parker, Stuart Tinkler, Tony Messenger, Gez Williams.

Greenwood was, as always, in fine form with well-tendered bunkers and fast smooth greens.  In the A Flight, Stuart Tinkler came back to form to reignite his dreams of the golfer of the month title that he won at this same time last year, but will have to go some to catch the form players.  Keith Smithson placed second and Gordon Melia showed glimpses of his previous ability and crept into third.

In the B Flight, Peter Allen and John Hughes tied with 37 points each and on the count back Peter secured the win with 20 points on the back nine.  John could be heard all evening recounting his game hole by hole to anyone who would listen.

Friday, Nov. 18, Bangpra (white tees) – Stableford

A Flight

1st Jimmy Carr (15) 39pts

2nd Chris Cox (11) 35pts

3rd Geoff Parker (14) 35pts

B Flight

1st Les Hall (22) 32pts

2nd Eddie Kelly (18) 31pts

3rd Lawrence Harding (30) 30pts

Near Pins: Thor Eliassen, Les Hall (2), Stuart Tinkler.

This course is still not back to top notch condition and is probably suffering from the numbers playing here now that high season has arrived.

Even cutting Jimmy Carr by a further stroke on his handicap didn’t stop him from recording his second win in A Flight this week and everyone is tired of seeing his photo so often in Pattaya Mail.  Geoff Parker must be wondering what score he needs to shoot in order to win and to add to his woes he lost the count back for second place to Chris Cox with only 17 on the back nine to Chris’s 20.

Les Hall made the winning score in B Flight, managing to beat Eddie Kelly by one with Lawrence Harding in third.