Russell rises through the ranks, takes win at Emerald


The Backyard Golf Society

The Backyard golfers outing at Emerald last Friday, Sept. 4, was a very quick affair with few other players on the course.  Emerald has clearly benefited from some recent local rains that continue to bypass Pattaya, the fairways were a lot greener than just a month ago.

The winner on the day, and with his handicap (clearly he was sand-bagging us for years!) dropping from 18 to 14 in a little over a month, was Russell “He’s a Victorian”.  Lots of rounds up at the Kanchanaburi venues have certainly been good to Russ.

The near-pin prize went to “Who BRought Him” and he also won the rollover from the previous game.

Russell was the major winner in the skins with 9 while Irish John won 3, “Who BRought Him” took 3 and in winning the second hole he also won the 2 rollovers from the week before.  There were singles to “The Quiet Man”, “The Impregnator” and “Golden Trowel’s Boyfriend” and we had 1 rollover carried forward.

Second-hand Bob has returned to that great antique haven on Portobello Road, where is no doubt in daily consultations with Jose and Roman about the state of Chelsea’s faltering BPL campaign.