Rushant’s 45 headlines high-scoring week


Travellers Rest Golf Group

Monday, Dec. 12, Mt. Shadow – Stableford

Alan Thomas (6) 35pts

Ally Walker (13) 34pts

Barry Wood (11) 32pts

The week got underway with a trip over to Mountain Shadow on Monday, a popular venue for a good number at the TRGG.  Just for once the course won with nobody bettering their handicap, but only just.

Neil Bramley.
Neil Bramley.

The metronomic Alan Thomas returned 35pts on the day which was good enough to take first place.  Just a point behind was the nearly as steady Ally Walker and the newly returned, debonair gent Barry Wood walked off with third place before heading off to woo all the ladies around town.

Tuesday, Dec. 13, Burapha – Stableford

1st Neil Bramley (8) 41pts

2nd Derek Thorogood (15) 40pts

3rd Ally Walker (13) 35pts

On Tuesday it was off to Burapha (A and B courses) and another of our regular winners. Neil Bramley, the reverse grip genius, showed once again that there is more than one way to hold a golf club and still manage to knock off a good score.  Sailing mighty close to a bandit score Neil can be forgiven as 40+ is a common tally at Burapha.

Even our perennial second placed Derek Thorogood showed he also could amass 40pts but still not win.  Derek has to be the unluckiest golfer I know – other than myself of course.  Ally Walker once again finished in the places by taking third spot.

Wednesday, Dec. 14, Phoenix – Stableford

Div.1 (0-14)

1st Neil Wilkinson (12) 38pts

2nd Ito Akitoshi (10) 36pts

3rd Tristan Gilbert (10) 36pts

Div. 2 (15+)

1st Lawrence Lee (22) 38pts

2nd John O’Donoghue (18) 36pts

3rd Jack Mooney (17) 32pts

The TRGG took the best turnout of the week over to Phoenix (Lakes and Ocean courses) on Wednesday and two divisions were necessary.

Neil Wilkinson.
Neil Wilkinson.

In Division 1, one of my playing partners, Neil Wilkinson, won the day with 38pts.  I must admit that I have seen Neil play better so it quite surprised me that he had finished with the score he did, which was also good enough for him to win his separate and concurrent match play competition.  It just goes to show, you don’t always have to play out of your skin to win.  Ito Akitoshi again showed some good form by taking second place and long hitting lothario Tristan Gilbert finished in third.

In Division 2, Lawrence Lee walked out one midsummer morning (you need a literary bent to pick up on that little gem) and strode off with first place.  Big John O’Donoghue arrived on time to finish second and my old mate and sparring partner Jack Mooney finished third.

Thursday, Dec. 15, Green Valley – Stableford

1st Ally Walker (13) 43pts

2nd Rusty Barfield (5) 41pts

3rd Billy Allan (19) 37pts

On Thursday, the TRGG however headed off to Green Valley and Ally Walker made it a hat-trick of mentions in dispatches by finishing first on a definite bandit score of 43pts.  Watch this man, he may just need running out of town with a tarring and a feathering.

Mike Rushant.
Mike Rushant.

The delightfully named Rusty Barfield took second place with another dodgy score for a five-handicapper (41pts) while Billy Allan kept things respectable with his 37 in third place.

Friday, Dec. 16,
Silky Oak – Stableford

1st Mike Rushant (12) 45pts

2nd Lawrence Lee (22) 39pts

3rd Ally Walker (11) 39pts

The golfing week drew to a close at Silky Oaks on Friday and it was a day that the baddest hombre west of the Pecos hit town.  Mike Rushant (aka the Milky Bar Kid), knee high to a grasshopper but twice as mean, tore the place apart.  He proceeded to rack up a truly unbelievable 45pts, collected his winnings, mounted his trusty steed and rode off into the sunset.  The TRGG immediately put a 10,000 baht bounty on his head.

In second place Lawrence Lee had another good day and went off to have a cider with Rosie (another literary reference).  In third place Ally Walker had a bounty placed on his head also and was last seen running a four minute mile out of Pattaya.