RST Vipers and Asian All Stars win Round 7


Pattaya Indoor Cricket League (PICL) – Round 7

Round 7 of the PICL was played on Monday 4th at Rugby School Thailand (RST), Banglamung, between PCC versus RST Vipers and RST Cobras versus Asian All Stars (AAS).

PCC batted first as 2 players were AWOL. John Harvey and Andy Emery made an excellent start with 34 for no loss which was followed in similar fashion by Bernie Lamprecht and Matt Harkness. Matt was throwing the bat and took Carl Pohl and Burger Marx to task with a six from each. Matt scored 28 and Bernie 15 whilst Bernie was run out. The score was a very solid 72 for 1 after 6 overs.

This cracking start ran out of steam when Animal and Jainish Parikh faced some very tidy bowling from Tim Jones, Nick Hitchmough, Ryan Driver and Carl Pohl – 11 dot balls from 3 overs.

As PCC were still 2 players short RST Vipers selected Animal and Jainish to bat again. An ungentlemanly, sneaky, tactical ploy that restricted PCC to 23 runs and 2 wickets off the last 6 overs which included a total of 24 dot balls.

Thus, PCC finished with 100 for 3. Reduced to 85. Unless PCC could pull something out of the hat, the outcome looked bleak.

RST Vipers sent Chris Sizer and Carl Pohl to open their innings. They made a good start with 27 for 1 off their 3 overs. Chris was caught behind by John Harvey. Dan Allan and Tim Jones had an excellent spell, clobbering Animal for 16 whilst John Harvey’s arm went wobbly and rained no balls and wides. 40 for no loss and 69 for 1 after 6 overs. Nothing in it.

Marcus Large, a debutant, continued with Burger Marx. Comical run calling commenced and henceforth Burger shall be known as Mr Burger Yesnoyeswait. How they were not run out is a mystery. They managed 25 for an LBW against Yesnoyeswait.

The final pair was Ryan Driver and Nick Hitchmough. Ryan took most of the strike and after several dot balls and a series of threes, the innings was concluded at 123 for 3. Reduced to 108. A tidy game of few wickets, good batting and restrictive bowling.

RST Vipers won by 23 runs.
Best batsman – Matt Harkness, 28 and zero.
Best Bowler – Matt Harkness, 3 overs, 8 for 1.
MotM – Matt Harkness.

The next game, RST Cobras v AAS was the complete opposite. Lots of wickets and runs galore. Chris Lindop opened the bowling for the Cobras and bowled Bharat first ball and again 4 balls later. Will Howell, another a debutant, bowled the third over and had 2 run outs. Not a good start for AAS who were 10 for 4. Happy and Bassu steadied the ship with 43 runs which included an 8 for Happy – 4 runs and an overthrow for 4. Happy was also smartly caught and bowled by Guthrie Miller in the 6th over – AAS recovering to 48 for 5. Chris L was on a flyer. He LBW’d Rajish and had Sam caught behind by Lee May on the next ball for 7 leg byes in the over.

Lewis Madd and Will Howell got taken for 27 runs, including a 6 from Sam, but Will bowled Rajish. The final 3 overs from Jatin and Ashwin yielded 34 runs for no loss and set The Vipers a challenging total of 101 (140 for 8 minus 40 for wickets lost).

RST Vipers responded by sending in Pete Reeha and Guthrie Miller. Bharat’s first over was a maiden, the first in the whole competition. Pete and Guthrie recovered well by scoring 26 for no loss off the next two overs.

Lee May and Charlie Rowe were next. Lee took most of the strike and managed two 6’s in his 25 runs. Charlie hardly faced a ball and when given LBW to a ball he thought was going over the stumps he was a bit miffed. 42 for 3 and only a few runs behind after 6 overs.

John Myall and Will Howell faced Sam, Happy and Rajish. This saw 32 runs added, mainly through wides from Sam, but Will was run out and then bowled by Happy. 64 for 5 and only 3 runs adrift.
Lewis Madd and Chris Lindop took the final session of 3 overs and they needed to retain their wickets. Good batting from Lewis was undone by a silly call from Chris and Lewis was run out.

They added 35 for 1 but it was not quite enough.
The Cobras ended with 124 for 6, reduced to 94.
A win to AAS by 7 runs.

Best Batsmen – Happy, 27 for 1 and Ashwin 22 for 0.
Best bowler – Chris Lindop, 2 overs 4 for 4.
MotM – Chris Lindop.