Royal award for Pattaya Mail’s sailing guru


Quite a surprise ensued for the home-town Pattaya Mail senior correspondent Peter Cummins, participating at the recently-held 29th Phuket King’s Cup Regatta 2015, which celebrated HM the King’s 88th birthday.  Peter was a founding media member of the first Regatta, inaugurated in 1987 to celebrate the King’s then-72nd birthday and he has attended every annual event since then – a total of 29 uninterrupted participations – the ONLY person to have achieved this.

Regatta President, Kevin Whitcraft, delivering the closing speech for the highly-successful 29th event at the splendid Royal Awards Ceremony, held at the Kata Beach Ballroom, surprised Peter with a reference to this record.

Peter Cummins (right) receives his special award from HM the King’s Representative, His Excellency Admiral Chumpol Pachusanon during the Royal Awards Ceremony at the 2015 Phuket King’s Cup Regatta, held at the Kata Beach Resort in Phuket, Dec. 12.

Then another surprise lay in wait, Peter’s press colleagues from Vivaldi PR informed him that he was to receive a special award, “In appreciation of Long Serving Media”, to be given by HM’s Representative, His Excellency Admiral Chumpol Pachusanon.

Peter Cummins (right) poses for a photo with Royal Varuna Yacht Club commodore Tom Whitcraft.

Radab Kanjanavanit, doing his usual flawless MC presentation, warned all prize recipients to be respectful, i.e. no jeans, no tee shirts and no sandals at the prize-giving event.  Meanwhile there was our erstwhile “hero”, ensconced at the back of the hall, in scruffy jeans, an un-washed tee shirt and rather dubious sandals.  Panic!

Thankfully Vivaldi came to the rescue and Peter was hustled along to the press office to be met by one of his male Vivaldi colleagues (Arthur, by name), looking resplendent in black slacks, a nice shirt and shiny footwear.  It all fitted Peter nicely so five minutes later (and now looking the part) he accepted his award from the King’s representative.

Peter commented later: “I’m so honoured and humbled to receive this highest award of my life and I really thank the Regatta President and his members of the committee for recognising my hard work for the last 29 years and also having me to be part of this prestigious Regatta of the Kingdom.”

Meanwhile poor old Arthur was eventually rescued from his temporary clothing misfortune, re-attired and then joined everyone at the splendid party to close the 29th Phuket King’s Cup Regatta, 2015.