Red hot Rushant too hot to handle


Travellers Rest Golf Group

Monday, Jan. 30, Khao Kheow – Stableford


Div. 1 (0-15)

1st Magnus Alvarrson (10) 37pts

2nd Barry Wood (12) 35pts

3rd Neil Bramley (7) 35pts


Div. 2 (15+)

1st Don Cross (23) 40pts

2nd Reg Glass 19) 38pts

3rd Y. Takita (23) 32pts


Visiting Khao Kheow Golf Course is always an amazing experience and this was no exception for the 27 golfers who had the pleasure of playing there in glorious weather conditions on Monday.

In Division 1 Neil Bramley scored 35 points to secure 3rd place.  Waking in the morning feeling generous, Neil decided to give everyone else a chance by playing with his hands the wrong way round.  Or were they the right way round?

Second place on count back was Barry Wood, also with 35 points, but first place on the day went to Sweden’s Magnuss Alvarsson whose 37 points resulted in the “IT man” being way ahead of the field.

In Division 2 Y. Takita scored 32 points to secure 3rd place and Reg Glass scored a fine 38 points, but this was only good enough for second on the day.  Don Cross’s round of 40 points was comfortably the best of the day and saw his handicap tumbling from 23 to 21.


Tuesday, Jan. 31, Burapha – Stableford

1st Peter Cahill (18) 37pts

2nd Y. Takita (23) 35pts

3rd Mike Smith (5) 35pts


Tuesday’s visit to Burupha proved that nice guys do come first.  In a field littered with vagabonds and scallywags the day was won by Peter Cahill with a score of 37 points.  You will never hear Peter say a bad word about anyone, so it was great to see him lifting the top prize of the day.

Apparently Y. Takita is also a nice guy and he achieved 2nd place with 35 points, beating chief scallywag Mike Smith on count back

Mike Rushant.
Mike Rushant.

Wednesday, Feb. 1, Parichat G.C. – Stableford


Div. 1

1st Mike Rushant (13) 34pts

2nd Dave Maw (15) 34pts

3rd Roger Wilkinson (14) 32pts


Div. 2

1st Billy Allan (18) 33pts

2nd Alun Webber (22) 32pts

3rd Lawrence Lee (20) 31pts


Although the Parichat course is one of the major tests of golf in the Pattaya area, it is also proving to be one of the most popular as 29 TRGG players tested their skills on Wednesday.

In Div 2 perhaps the biggest cheer came from 3rd placed Lawrence Lee as he achieved his first ever eagle as he chipped in for a 2 on a par 4.  In 2nd place the choir boy from “the valleys” Alun Webber scored a fine 32 points but this was not good enough to take top spot from course specialist Billy Allan who won the day with 33 points.  In the past 6 months Billy has played this course 10 times whilst fellow boss Derek “Dezzy” Thorogood is yet to make an appearance.

In Division 1 Roger Wilkinson appeared as sharp as ever to take 3rd with 32 points.  The battle for top spot went down to count back with Dave Maw being unlucky on the day to finish only in 2nd with 34 points.  The day’s top round was produced by the ever consistent Mike Rushant who clearly found the course to his liking

Billy Allen.
Billy Allen.


Thursday, Feb. 2, Green Valley – Stableford


Div. 1

1st Mike Rushant (13) 37pts

2nd David Boran (14) 36pts

3rd Poopay Lamthong (11) 36pts


Div. 2

1st Peter McGinty (23) 40pts

2nd Toshikatsu Salto (25) 36pts

3rd Richard Talbot (15) 35pts


Thursday’s visit to Green Valley found a course ready to be conquered as the overcast conditions made for a pleasant stroll around one of the most beautiful spots on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand.

In Division 1 Poopay Lamthong secured 3rd spot with a fine round of 36 points but she was beaten into 2nd place by David Boran on count back.  However, once again the top prize went to sizzling Mike Rushant with 37 points.  Mike has been in a rich vein of form in the last fortnight with 3 victories and since the start of 2017 he has been on the podium on 8 occasions.

In Div 2 Richard Talbot came 3rd with 35 points, with Toshikatsu Salto coming 2nd on 36, however, the best round of the day came from Peter McGinty who scored 40 points to secure top spot.  Peter’s run of form has been at the other end of the scale from Mike Rushant’s as this was his first victory in 22 attempts.  Needless to say this was a popular result and proved what a humbling and character building experience playing golf can be.

Peter McGinty.
Peter McGinty.


Friday, Feb. 3, Pattavia – Stableford

Div. 1

1st Paul Stanton (13) 40pts

2nd Alastair Anderson (15) 38pts

3rd Ito Akitoshi (10) 36pts


Div. 2

1st Jack Macnamara (18) 38pts

2nd Ted Senior (16) 33pts

3rd Mike Lam (21) 32pts


The Lightning fast greens at Centuri Pattavia were not enough to put off the Friday golfers at the TRGG as 35 hardy souls made their way down the A311 to test their putting touch.

The round of the day came in division 1 where Paul Stanton scored a fine 40 points to take 1st place.  Alastair Anderson claimed 2nd spot with 38 points and Ito Akitoshi took 3rd with 36.

In Division 2 Jack Macnamara was way ahead of the rest of the rest of the field with 38 points and although Ted Senior only came 10th overall his 33 points were enough to claim 2nd place in Division 2.  This must be some type of karma as Ted is renowned for never moaning, so in his eyes poetic justice had taken place.  Mike Lam’s 32 points were good enough to take 3rd spot.


Saturday, Feb. 4, Greenwood – Stableford

1st Yasuo Saikai (11) 37pts

2nd Nick Thomas (11) 33pts

3rd Wayne Green (1) 31pts


Saturday saw a visit to Greenwood and no one appears to have a bad word to say about this fine golf course.  There is the odd snake slithering around but what is there between the odd python and mates?

Yasuo Saikai certainly likes this environment and for the second successive Saturday he came out on top with 37 points.  Wayne Green’s fine round of 6 over par was only good enough for 3rd place with Nick Thomas securing 2nd place with 33.