PSC holds a swinging 2013 Summer Party


Report Nigel Cannon / Photos William Macey

It was almost a full house for the annual PSC Summer Party at their regular venue of the Town in Town hotel on a fine summers evening, Wednesday July 17.

The doors were scheduled to open at 6.30 p.m. but long before that a queue began to form.  Outside there was a montage of various charity events in which PSC were involved.  6.25 p.m. and open sesame!  On hand to welcome members and guests was Social Chairman Nigel Cannon assisted by Mike Coleman to ensure entry was made swiftly.

The Blind School’s choir captured the hearts of the audience.The Blind School’s choir captured the hearts of the audience.

Once everyone was happily seated, Nigel welcomed all and reminded them that this was a party and an opportunity to spend time with their friends and to make some new ones.

As Charity Chairman William Macey spoke about The Redemptorist School for the Blind, President Tony Oakes and Nigel escorted 11 members from that school, with helpers into the main room.  They sang four songs, 3 in English, including Amazing Grace and a Thai song.  The entire audience was spellbound, and after Nigel reminded all that whilst the children’s sight was impaired their hearing was not, the response was a thundering sound of appreciation.

A good night to dress up.A good night to dress up.

President Tony then formally opened the party, announcing that the truly international buffet was ready and the Town-in-Town band would play music whilst everyone dined.

Once again Nigel took to the stage to introduce the evening’s musical entertainment, saying that it was the first time the same artist had appeared at consecutive parties, Pattaya’s own Barry Upton.  By his second number he had many dancing and this continued through his entire 45 minute first set.

Mike (Burapha GC) and Nirand (Green Valley GC) enjoy the eveningMike (Burapha GC) and Nirand (Green Valley GC) enjoy the evening

Then it was rest time for Barry and raffle time for the rest.  First Nigel expressed his appreciation to the Lewiinski’s ‘Lovelies’ and Michael Jeffery who moved around selling the raffle tickets.  The scene was set, with Mike Coleman controlling the order of the prizes, Tony and Golf Chairman Joe Mooneyham ready to hand them out, little Bee Jackson waiting to draw the numbers and Nigel to call out the lucky winners.

The first to be drawn was the major door prize of a 32″ colour TV and was won by Suphattra Dulkys.  Then followed the 20 raffle prizes and a score of lucky winners went home with something they had not brought with them!  The winner of a microwave oven, Nick Shaw, asked for it be auctioned at a later date and the proceeds given to charity.  The final two tickets (Committee and partners excluded) were to share 50% of the raffle takings – and 2 ladies went home with big smiles and a little more!

Barry Upton on stage and in full swing.Barry Upton on stage and in full swing.

It was time for Barry to return and while he prepared, Nigel gave a reminder of Barry’s many talents.  Then it was another 45 minutes of great music with many taking to the floor regardless of age, size or gender.  It was then goodnight from Barry – see you at Christmas!

The Town-in-Town band then played more music to keep the place rocking with both Thai and English songs but by then it was mainly Thai ladies expending their energy whooping it up.

Suphattra took home a brand new 32 inch TV.Suphattra took home a brand new 32 inch TV.

Tony expressed the appreciation to Nigel for another great party.

Speaking afterwards Nigel paid tribute to the management and staff of Town-in-Town who as usual provided excellent food complemented with first class service.  He also said thatBarry Upton would be the star attraction at the PSC Christmas Party on Wednesday December 11 at Town-in-Town.

Am receives her cash prize from PSC President Tony Oakes. Am receives her cash prize from PSC President Tony Oakes.

Mike (right) and Tony present a cash prize to a lucky lady.Mike (right) and Tony present a cash prize to a lucky lady.

The dancing continued until midnight.The dancing continued until midnight.