Pattaya’s Billabong Monthly Scramble tames tough Pattana


PSC Golf from Billabong
Friday 29th January
Monthly Scramble

Pattana was the venue for this month’s Billabong scramble and what a course to have it. Some of the 8 teams competing murdered the front nine. One team, who just missed out of the prizes, were 4 under after 5 holes. Alas, it wasn’t to be – from there it was one-way traffic downhill.

The course was in great condition apart from one or two greens that were a little patchy in places, but there were no complaints from anybody. Just a great day out and the weather was good with a breeze blowing to keep the heat away.

There were all the old stories about putts, but if you can master the greens in this game you win hands down.

The team of Tony Oakes, Wayne Cotterell, Sel Wegner and Eddy Beilby took away second prize with a score of 59.3 – that one bogey beat them.

Coming in first place was the team of Neil Decker, Chris Hart, Jim Glossop and John Seton with a score of 58.5.

Next month’s scramble will be held at Parachat Golf Club.