Pattaya Sports Club Mabprachan Golf Society Jan 17&19

Allan Cassin, Mike Malott and Maurice Paradis winners at The Emerald Golf Course.

Tuesday 17th January 2023
The Emerald Golf Course
1st Mike Malott (40) – 35 points
2nd Maurice Paradis (20) – 35 points
3rd Allan Cassin (13) – 33 points

A beautiful day at the Emerald with our group. The course was in good condition and nice weather. We had a great mix of nationalities today. It was an interesting struggle between our 2 Canadians. Maurice Paradis was long time number one on the leader board, but the nerves got him on hole 17 and Mike Malott knocked him down on the last 2 holes and beat him on the count back with 35 stable ford points. Australia in the person of Allan Cassin became third with 33 stable ford points.

The near pins were for Allan Cassin and John Feeney

Bob Edwards and Maurice Paradis take the top spots at Pleasant Valley Golf Course.

Thursday, 19th January 2023
Pleasant Valley Golf Course
1st Bob Edwards (10) 31 points
2nd Maurice Paradis (21) 28 points

Again, a beautiful day for playing golf. Nice sun and a strong cold breeze. The breeze didn’t it make easy for us, as you can see at the results. The course was in good condition, maybe on some spots too wet.

Bob Edwards was our man today and won with 31 stable ford points. Maurice Paradis again runner up with 28 stable ford points.

The near pins were for Allan Cassin and John Feeney.


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